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Songs of Northeast Scotland LYRICS
The Bonny Ship the Diamond: Traditional
The Diamond is a ship my lads, for the Davis Strait she's bound,
And the quay it is all garnished with bonnie lasses round.
Captain Thompson gives the order to sail the ocean wide
Where the sun it never sets my lads, nor darkness dims the tide.

So it's cheer up my lads, let your hearts never fail
For the bonnie ship The Diamond goes a fishing for the whale.
Along the quay at Peterhead the lasses stand aroon
Wi' their shawls all pulled about them and the saut seas rinnin' doon.
Don't you weep my bonnie lass though you be left behind,
For the rose will grow on Greenland's ice before we change our mind.
Here's a health to The Resolution, likewise The Eliza Swan
Here's a health to The Battler of Montrose and The Diamond ship of fame.
We wear the trousers of the white and the jackets o' the blue
When we return to Peterhead we;ll ha'e sweehearts enoo.
It's be bricht both day and nicht when the Greenland lads come hame
Wi' a ship that's bumper fu' my lads and money to our name.
We'll make the cradles for to rock and the blankets for to tear
And every lass in Peterhead sing "hushabye, my dear".

Captain Ward Traditional
Shallow Brown Traditional
The Burning of Auchindoun: Traditional
As a cam in by Fiddichside on a May morning
I spied Willie MacIntosh an hour afore the dawin.
"Turn again, turn again, turn again I bid ye"
If ye burn Auchindoun Huntly he will heid ye".

"Heid me or hang me, that'll never fear me
I swear I'll burn Auchindoun afore the life leaves me".

As I cam in by Fiddichside on a May morning
Achindoun wis in a blaze an hour afore the dawin
"Crawin, crawin for a' crouse crawin
Thae've brunt yer crops, ye've tint yer wings
An hour afore the dawin".
The Barnyards O' Delgaty: Traditional​
As I cam in by Turra market, Turra market for tae fee
I fell in wi' a wealthy fairmer, the barnyards of Delgaty.

Linten arie toorin arie, Linten arie toorin ay
Linten lowrin lowrin lowrin, The barnyards of Delgaty.
He promised me the twa best pair I ever set my eyes upon.
When I gaed tae the Barnyards there was naething there but skin and bones.
The auld black horse sat on his rump the auld white mair lay on her wime,
For a' that I could "hup" and crack they wouldna rise at yoking time.

When I gaed to the kirk on Sunday mony's the bonnie lass I see
Sitting by her father's side and winking ower the pews at me.

I can drink and no' be drunk And I can fecht and no' be slain 
I can lie wi' anither man's wife and aye be welcome to my ain.

My cannle noo it is brunt oot the snotter's fairly on the wane
Sae fare ye weel, ye Barnyards Ye'll never see my likes again.

Hap and Rowe Traditional
The Scolding Wife Traditional
Clerk Saunders Traditional
Eence Upon a Time Traditional
Rosy Through the Glass by Allan Carr
Captain Ward
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