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"Carr’s resonant vocals have a depth found only in the rarest of singers!"
                                                                                   -The Boston Globe

"Allan is a great singer from the Northeast of Scotland and he reflects both pipe and fiddle music of his upbringing and the contemporary music of today."
                                                                                    -The Fresno Times

"Allan Carr is the real deal - a Scottish singer from Aberdeen who sings the old songs utterly from the heart. His renditions of "Northeast Scots Songs" on his new CD of the same name showcase his lifelong immersion in and his love for the tradition. Thoughtfully arranged, each song sits like a jewel in its own setting. My personal favorites are "Eence Upon A Time," a cautionary tale of the lass who had a bit too much fun at "the threshin' time," and Allan's original "Rosy Through the Glass," where the Scottish immigrant's memories of home get happier as the evening lengthens and the drink flows. After the CD finished, I hit 'play' again. That says it all!"
-                                                                                    -Donna Hébert

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